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Our Fleet

L.J. Transportation, Inc. has one of the finest fleet of vehicles in Southern California. 

All of our vehicles are the newest models.  We are constantly upgrading our fleet with new vehicles.  We do not buy used vehicles. 

All of our vehicles are top of the line and kept in immaculate condition.  In addition, all of our limousines are QVM approved.  The QVM rating is the only safety standard recognized by the federal government. 

Our fleet is also one of the most diversified.  The composition of our fleet has steadily grown due to the many corporate groups and resorts we have serviced over the last 15 years.  We have black Lincoln Town car sedans, six, eight, and ten passenger Limousines, ten to fourteen passenger Vans, Navigators, Suburban, and twenty-three to twenty-nine passenger Mini Coaches.  The diversity and large size of our fleet allows us to personally handle all client requests, without having to farm out the business to other companies.  We feel this is crucial in allowing us to control the quality of our vehicles and our service. 

We also have the ability to purchase new vehicles as needed.  Special requests can be met. 

An in-house mechanic maintains the safety of our fleet.  All of our vehicles adhere to a strict service schedule to avoid any mechanical problems. 

Our fleet is kept looking new by on-site car detailer.  Each vehicle is washed daily and rigorously inspected to make sure everything is perfect for each client. 

No detail is overlooked!
Corporate Sedan

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