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Our Chauffeurs

L.J. Transportation, Inc. has the finest chauffeurs in Southern California.  This has been accomplished using the following procedures and criteria:

We hire only mature individuals who take this profession seriously.  We are very discerning in who we hire.  Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of San Diego and Southern California, have a service background, a clean DMV report, professional appearance and demeanor, and demonstrate the ability to follow detailed instructions. 

All chauffeurs are required to pass random drug and alcohol tests.

Chauffeurs must adhere to the policies within the Chauffeur’s Guide developed by L.J. Transportation, Inc., that covers everything from safe driving techniques to proper protocol with people of other cultures.

Every chauffeur goes through extensive training that includes lectures, driving tests, and written tests.

Meetings and evaluations are done routinely to review and implement the best service.

Our Chauffeurs are the highest compensated in the industry.  We pay more to get and keep the best.  Many of our Chauffeurs have been with the company for over five years.  There really is no substitute for experience. 

With L.J. Transportation, Inc., you will always get a truly professional chauffeur; one who is experienced, knowledgeable, pleasant, and service oriented!

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